For my friends, >Pt 1

A heartfelt letter, for the daft sod’s that have made me the person i am today; 

Ever since i can remember, i have always had a hard time connecting with other people my age. After my parents divorced i said goodbye to my friends from there, i was so young i only remember bits and pieces. Entering a new school was like a whole different situation for me, i could never really connect with the other kids, and i’d always end up alone. It was so sad, i recently asked around a few of my childhood friends of what i was like during primary school. They said i was weird cute annoying and yet, somewhat shy. Ready one of my closest pals said to me that i used to go around every break time and show other children my cards in hopes they’s play with me. The rest is kind of a blur, and i remember alot of children were quite negative to me for no reason, or they’d just thought i was a freak of nature or something. 

I was a somewhat outcast for what i can remember, both girls and boys used to laugh at me and ignore me.I did feel lonely for most of the time and sometimes i’d feel more comfortable talking with teachers then other kids. In year 5 was where i made my first close friend of a while, She was a new student cute, kindhearted and a little bit of the timid side, I had no idea what came over me but i remember the very first time we’d met i practically forced her to become friends with me. If i do say so myself, it would’ve had to have been the best decision i had ever made. We’d play together and it was the most fun i had had in a while.  Even now she’s such an important person in my life, i couldn’t dream of a life without her. She’s quirky, funny , pretty, smart and an amazing friend. I wish she’d only realise how amazing she actually is. I hope you know that you literally made me so happy within those few years, And you’ve impact on my life has been a big one. Thank you for being amazing and being in my life Lollie; I doubt i would’ve met any of these wonderful people if it wasn’t for you ❤ I hope when you read these words you understand how awesome you truly are…. Stop calling me Blondie!!! xD

Skip ahead a few years, the first week of high school i meet this boy. At first he thought i was weird and annoying, but sitting there with him i had the urge to make him smile. We ended up bonding over art and drawing. Then i find out he’s got an extraordinary personality, funny, quirky, dramatic, creative but now i can’t even trade him for a pot of gold. He’s been there for me for a long time and i’d hope to keep it that way, He’s so caring and considerate, and you deserve more then you think you do. You’ve never failed to make me smile, and have made my days that much brighter. Thank you, for not getting a restraining order and putting up with my daftness. Your awesome! Never fret to talk to those close to you about anything! Ima beat you with a stick when i see you…

I haven’t known these too for very long, but literally, how the heck did i not? These too lil lovely’s are amazing! To Emer and Aiko;

Emer; You are the most artistically talented human being i know (aside from Erin of course) Your ability to not only create something  beautiful on paper but also in real life is absolutely incredible. You’re funny, kind, thoughtful, pretty, outstanding, And more, Hanging out with you and being with you has been a blast! I couldn’t trade a single memory i have with you if i could, Your an amazing person, i hope you know that. Thank you for every happy memory you’ve given me. *cough* unlike someone else we know *cough* Thank you for always being there and being as awesome as you are!

Aiko; Ma lil peacemaker, Your so kindhearted and amazing. Your Cute, funny, bubbly,  and another person i can’t ever replace.  Thank you for being a part of my life, of what short time i’ve had with you, Your solemn existence has lit up my days ever brighter, and you’ve lifted my demons, more times then you know. Your so awesome, and lovely, no matter what you think of yourself. You are amazing. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and every time you’ve been there. Also… we should totally throw a sleepover and play nothing but K-pop all night xD Know if there is anything you need just let me know 😉

Reece; Your funny, clever, Sarcastic and amazing. Although you may not think so, you are a really cool person. You’ve made me laugh so many times I’ve lost count. We may not be as close as everyone else, but you are a real laugh to have around. And you have impacted on alot of people. I’m sorry for being so loud in science… I hoped to have made you and Aiko have a bit more fun in the lesson then them be just dull and boring. Know we’re all here for you and dont fret to ask for anything, We’re all here for you 🙂 Thanks for all the fun! 😀

Harrison; Funny, cool, quirky and intelligent, I may be somewhat retarded, but i do know that your very important to all of us. You’ve made us all have a huge laugh so many times. Thank you for the enormous laughs, and LOLS you’ve given me and everyone in out little group, You can bring a smile to everyone’s faces. I don’t know quite if you consider me a friend, But i do know that your an awesome person, so thank you.

Diogo/ Doggo / Dioho /-others; You are a comedian. For reals. Your friendly, kind, fun and are awesome! Thanks for everything you’ve done for us, You’ve been there for me when i needed it, and brought a huge smile to my face. I know i know, i’m annoying sometimes as some might call ..retarded… But thank you for dealing with all my crap, And pulling me out of the ditch i’d gotten stuck in. Your hilarious and incredible. Thank you for all the memories, you’ve given the lot of us. Never hesitate to talk to one of use if there’s anything bothering you..

Mason…..*Groan* I’M BETTER THEN YOU! Hehe.. Alrighty, Here we go ya pirate; Your funny, cool, and a real laugh. Although i’m weird and a bit lame, you’ve never hesitated to help me out, And have been there when i just needed someone to talk to. Thank you for that. Although, your literally never at school… Your fun to have around, thank you for making me smile and brightening my day when i needed it most. I hope to spam you more and kill you in your games in the future >:D xD

All of you, Never fret to ask for help, or even if you need someone to talk to; You’ve all been a joy in my life and people i will miss dearly if you ever leave, Thank you for making my one dull life that much better, I literally can’t explain to you how much you all mean to me without getting all mushy. I love you all, Never loose sight on your opportunities, and what you want out of your lives, I’ll always be there for any of you. 

Thank you for reading,


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