Black and grey.

black and grey.PNG

Sometimes life can get too much, and you feel like nothing. The world sort of turns black and grey. You feel like no one loves you or cares, and like, if you were to die right now no one would notice. That you are that insignificant your one death would soon crumple into the abyss, and you will be forgotten.

Ever feel like that? If not I salute you. Sometimes we all may get like that. The feeling of loneliness and despair. Sometimes how we feel just makes us unable to do anything, And everything doesn’t matter anymore. But I ask you, have you ever laughed at something? Ever admired something? Ever seen anything that  has made you filled with amazement or happiness? Didn’t those emotions feel good? Those emotions were not pointless. You felt something personal for something or someone else, and that goes to show your not an empty vessel and you have control over yourself. That shows that you can feel things and you can do things. That’s fucking amazing. That’s is litteral proof that you have the ability to do things and make other people happy. You can influence other people, which influence their lives which influence other people’s lives that influence the future which influence the world. Woah a breather! See? Your not insignificant in fact the complete opposite. One tiny action of you can influence an entire generation. Ever thought about that? The human race is an amazing thing we’re always bouncing of eachother, and by that I mean we are always changing allways improving with the help of others. You litterally have the power to influence and entire world at your fingertips. Your never alone, someone out there loves you or will love you, you just gotta get out and meet people, out there there are so many abilities, if you put your mind to it you can do litterally anything! Isn’t that awesome?

Whether it be over the loss of a loved one, divorce. or just everyday is just getting you down the list goes on. But the way we Or other people influence us and others helps a lot of people move on or cope. Find  happiness in everyday, and be the person someone else thinks doesn’t exist. The things you do today can turn someone’s life upside down, if you just think about it. Your never alone, in fact your surrounded by so many people who will want to meet you if you just see. People love you and can love you, knowing your reading this makes me ( a complete stranger ) gush with happiness and appreciate you so much, so please just know outthere there is someone who will always want you to either be influenced by or be the influence. Talk to someone about your problems, someone out there will surely tell you what you need to hear. Or they will help you. Some people can be assholes though because of their own reasons and may treat you like shit because they can, but other then that just know it’s how others have influenced them don’t let them try to badly influence you.”

I’m not really sure if this was much of help, but I hope it was, also don’t fret to email me about anything, litterally I’m open for a conversation 😂😂

thank you for reading, as always I love you 🤗




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