Preperation for year 11;

Uuuuugh, The six weeks are almost over! This means the beginning of year 11, the yet to be most stressful year of my life so far…Yippie. I know this isn’t an update of immediate interest, but it’s just something  I’ve thought I might as well write about?

Ive watched countless videos, talked with numerous teachers and run up conversations with multiple of my friends and, I’ve come up with a list of 12 things to do for the preperation of year 11…so here it isss 😋

1) create a revision routine;

Due to GCSE’s litterally around the corner, it might be a good idea to start creating a revision plan for yourself. Make it as basic and as followable as you can, include breaks but not too many as you still need to get work done.

2)Revise with friends?

Perhaps you could organise study sessions with your friends, to get work done.After school or on weekends? It’s a way to get work done with people you can have a laugh with… just try to make sure you get work done 😂

3) Create revision guides:

For every subject create a revision guide to better help you when it comes to reviewing notes etc. So it’s all in one place where you need it.

4)get parents/ carers involved with your studies etc

Maybe ask them to help you out and check on you every so often to make sure your doing homework or revising. It’s easy to procrastinate and sometimes, having the extra nudge is a big help.

5) Take breaks;

It’s still important when doing revision you take breaks, and relax. it’s important that along with all the work you do, you take some time for yourself. It’ll better improve your mental state and make you that much more motivated.


Sleep is just as important as revising, you can’t better focus when your sleep deprived, this will cause you issues when it comes to intaking knowledge and outputting it. The adverage human needs at least 8-10 hours of sleep, so before you watch one more episode, or play one more game jus think about it.

7) healthy eating;

I know I know junk food is tasty, and chocolate is really delicious however, it’s not good brain food. A bit of fruit and vegetables can really make the more difference talk to your parents/careers about it. It’ll really help you out’s also important to balance out the amount of food you consume with exercise. Which leads me onto my next point..

8) exercise…

I hate it myself, but it can really help make you feel that much better. Not to mention it keeps you healthy, don’t overdo it but it’s just something nice to apply to yourself and it’s really great for your mental health. Past generations were always moving about and doing heavy work, due to future generations having more technology it causes more and more people to stay inside and just browse the internet, this may not apply to everyone but it’s just a thought.

9) Restrictions;

I love the internet and social media, however sometimes is better to restrict yourself, maybe read a book or take the dog for a walk? Or perhaps do some homework that’s due, procrastination is something that effects all of us, unless your like a superhuman or something?? So it’s important to not put any stress on yourself, to rush and copy someone else’s etc. Do it beforehand and it minimises all the stress. Believe me it really does make you feel that much better, I know it may be boring, but it’s one of the things you can do to better improve yourself.

10) You first:

Sometimes not putting your friends first is the best option. If your really behind work it’s probably better you take the time to do it before the situation becomes worse.. I know is boring and you’d rather do something that makes you and them happier, but in the end you’ll become more stressed and it will worsen.

11) Avoid drama,

It’s pointless, repetitive and annoying. Unless it’s serious like someone is being bullied, try not to get involved. It’s like a black whole once you get sucked in there is no escaping and you’ll be more focused on that then you studies. More and more people will get upset and that’s not really terrific. Have fun with your friends and enjoy the time you have rather then getting envoleped in something your all going to probably forget about when your older and are attempting to get into college, it’s that insignificant.

12) talk to people:

Sometimes life can get too much and having that someone to help you and comfort you can just be the thing you need the most, confiding in someone else will help you out mentally and you’ll feel that much better. Don’t bottle it up till you overflow, because you’ll eventually end up having s breakdown with the workload and other issues.

Thank you for reading, I probably could have included a bit more but I thought these were the main things to really help you out.

I hope this helps you, and if you have any thoughts and feelings feel free to let me know 🤗

See you next time


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