High heels.

image.jpgOhhhh don’t you just love them? Stylish, elegant and the perfect opportunity to break your neck at one in the morning. Me and high heels have never worked. I can barely walk in a straight line then walk in them for 6 hours straight, But alas most of us, we all torture ourselves to look good.

Ive never really liked high heels, I hate when they bend your feet, I always feel like they’re going to snap your foot off if you trip. But.. when all the pairs of shoes you own are basically trainers and boots, that don’t really look good with whatever you decided to wear… you go for the foot bending high tops that you can’t even walk in… great.

Some people like high heels and dresses and all the elegant stuff, for me I don’t really care as long as I can run away from any unsuspected phycopaths, that may want a victim. Sad times. Some people get so obsessed with their looks and clothes that most of them just don’t realise real people don’t give a shit. I mean have dignity in yourself, I’m not saying don’t. But I don’t see a point in sacrificing yourself for something that’s so unimportant.. the opinions of other peers of your boss, who gives a flying fuck? Your there to have fun, not be constantly stressing over how you look and represent yourself, heck you can turn up to one of my parties in pyjamas any day.

Real people, who care for you and about you, don’t care what you wear, how you present yourself, or even your social status. If they look down on you, just think, should I really give a single fuck about your one petty opinion? Have they even gotten to know you? The real you? If not, they’re not worth the effort, their just missing out of getting to know some really great people.

I may not know a lot about all this crap, but you should live for yourself, and those you care about.  Not the constant criticism of people who don’t give a shit about getting to know you. Be happy and true to yourself.

Thanks for reading 🤗

p.s. the drawing is from artist Chris Ryder, she attended one of the parties I went to yesterday. She was drawing people at the party and me Mom and Richard, decided  to get ours done. It looks awesome! If you have Instagram, please give her support #chrisryder



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