You want me to do well and yet?



Are Schools supposed to help students get the good grades they deserve? Are Schools supposed to teach students and provide the correct information of what they will need to know to pass their examinations successfully? Are schools supposed to provide revision material in certain topics, for those who struggle in them?

If you answered yes then please enlighten me with something.

I’m in year 11 around my fourth week now. We’ve been told to revise and get all of the information we need, so the exams will be a breeze, basically. We have mocks in 5 weeks, and me being a student, who’s wanted to actually get somewhere and do something with her life, decided that she herself was behind in comparison to some of the other students. What does she do? Goes to her teachers individually and asks them all, if they could provide some revision material to help kick start her revision.

I  mean she herself wants to get all the information and begin revising, as this is the most important year. Like i said previously, I am a bit more behind then other students, So i sought guidance from my teachers, the ones who i solemnly depend on, to help me and my other fellow peers have a successful kick start to our futures, To give me some helpful revision material, so i myself, can be more dependent and try to get ahead. I get it, there teachers, their under a lot of stress, and also they don’t want me to begin to take in too much information whilst their trying to focus my attention on one part of the whole subject, but let me say this.

I am behind everyone else, I find school to be difficult, i always have. I will willingly make revision notes and begin my revision early on, so when it comes to the final exams, I’ll have a better grasp on what i’m answering and will most likely get a better overall grade.

What do they say to me? We don’t have the revision material to provide to you, we would rather you focus on one subject, then on the other at the moment of time. But the thing is, i have all my revision material for the current topic, the previous topic i cant get a grasp of. I ask for guidance in that topic that i’m struggling in, and you are not going to help me help myself? I mean, I’m better of doing the revision myself without the schools help to be completely honest. So I’ve come to the conclusion, to do it myself.

….Schools are ineffective, they should teach you information, you yourself will need for the future and not taking the easy way out. I know its a lot to ask a kid to decide to their future but you could at least ask them and help them to mould them into a productive member of society, not make them mould them self , this is why we have goalless members of society, I personally believe, you should ask young kids what they want to do and help them understand the features everyone wants in people they employ, the fact that we have to go through stress and more stress, memorising information that we wont need for certain jobs if just a waste of time.

Instead of leaving it till their older and making them make a choice when its too late, why don’t schools supply experience with different jobs, so students can get a taste for what they wan’t, instead of making them like everyone else and waiting till “their older” to be mature and make a decision, Because at that point of time most people are lost, Students will do what the school wants for the majority of their life so by the time it comes a time of “what do you want to do?” They are clueless, they have no idea, and schooling hasn’t gotten them anywhere. A student can have A levels in ever subject and get any job they want, but if they’ve had no experience with any of the jobs, it’ll take years before they find something that they finally want to do.

You will never know if you like a cake, if you don’t try it, sure you can sniff it and get the smell and it could look awesome, But unless you take a bite, you’ll never be full, never experience the flavour, and never experience the emotion one can experience from having a taste of that cake.

~Sorry for the rant Heh~

-Thanks for reading,


The weird one Nicki ❤

1 thought on “You want me to do well and yet?”

  1. Nicole ive been actively taking interest in your production of this blog and i wish to agree whole heartedly with your valid points you raised x If school could give all a snipet of what each occupation will hold give you guy’s more of an incite what the future could hold .All i want you to know is im proud !!!! x Mum

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