College Or Six-form Or apprenticeship?

How to decide?

My tips on how to decide where or what do do 🙂 Hope it helps!

  1. Research- Look up information about the courses you want to take, the travel and which options are available to you and how to get there.. I suggest looking up stuff on homepages websites, or genuine booklets for information. This will help you know what you want to go into and look for!
  2. Tours- Look up for open evenings, or have a browse to see when you can either meet up with someone and other people and try to get as much knowledge as possible, How did they find it, What the campus ect is like, general information really.
  3. What do you want?- Where do you see yourself, in the future, or where do you wanna see yourself? What do you want to achieve? Will you be able to? Will it help? Anything that will influence your decision and make you follow the path you want to do.
  4. Beneficial?- Will you benefit from going there? Don’t go just because any of your friends are going, they might not have the same goals as you, and you’ll end up following their dreams and aspirations, instead of your own. Find your own happiness, fulfilment and enjoyment, in what you like to do.
  5. Don’t stress or fret, Its another stepping stone in your life, One you’ll overcome on your own terms and your own way, make friends, or not either way do what you enjoy, don’t let other tell you otherwise, and find fun and fulfilment in what you love.

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