If it were a power, we’d all be superhero’s just pretty bad ones.

During high school, procrastination and me have held hands, shouldered each other and have generally always been connected in some odd way. Its annoying because it’s never benefited me one bit. I guess i was lazy or just not as intelligent as i should be, but juggling procrastination was like juggling 3 hot potatoes; i could never really seem to get the hang of it and I’d always end up dropping or loosing the ability to maintain a steady grasp of the situation.

I know its a bad habit to hold especially as I’m literally not to long away from my last year and doing my GCSE’S and all that jazz, But its always been something really hard for me. Ever since i can remember I’ve never had much responsibility during primary school. So when it comes down to it, the sudden introduction of it in high school, didn’t really work well for me. I ended up doing homework in classes that i should’ve been doing work in, and it all ended up with me not getting very good grades. Resulting in a chain reaction of phone calls, bad reports in the first year of high school! I never thought i would be able to keep up with everyone else and i felt lost. Bare in mind this was also the time i had no clue which room was which and i ended up turning up to the wrong classes and it was so embarrassing. I must’ve at least sat in a year eleven classroom twice a week.

Its funny when i think about it now, but back then i would’ve burst in to tears with me thinking i wasn’t good enough. The thing was i just didn’t have the ability to step back and think about what i could do to solve the situation.

Procrastination changed, and so did i. No more “i’ll do it later.”

Sometime’s we might feel lost or helpless, but note, anything is possible if you put your mind to the situation, I mean we’ve only got one life to live, why not live it to the fullest? Take risks and make mistakes, Its what makes us human. Aim high! Don’t shy away from opportunities. Its fine if you aim high and miss but never aim low and hit. But i’m not telling you to run in front of a car, or purposely cheat on someone, i mean run to someone you care about and tell them how much you care. Don’t wait before its too late. Never have regrets and never shy away from what you can be and who you can become.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have an awesome day! 😀


P.s. I was reading back through this ,and a quote from a speech came to my mind. It was about a young boy who had lost his ability to see and he taught his mother that “Its better to loose your sight then your vision.” So never loose sight of what you can be or what you wan’t.



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